Broadcast Support – Thinking About Virtual Revolution

Watching the OU/BBC co-produced Virtual Revolution programme over the weekend, with Twitter backchannel enabled around the #bbcrevolution hashtag, I started mulling over the support we give to OU/BBC co-produced broadcast material. Although I went to one of the early planning meetings for the series, where I suggested OU academics participate with elevated rights and credentials … Continue reading “Broadcast Support – Thinking About Virtual Revolution”

Video Journalism and Interactive Documentaries

Several weeks ago, a BBC News video had appeared embedded within a Guardian Media news story on the Guardian website (Microsoft launches UK online TV player). [Screenshot made with the aid of the OUseful split screen utility] I had a vague memory from last year that the BBC had been experimenting with embedding video on … Continue reading “Video Journalism and Interactive Documentaries”

Thematic BBC TV Channels on Boxee, courtesy of DeliTV

One of the nice things about iPlayer is that there are plenty of RSS feeds available for different sorts of content that is currently on iPlayer. So for example, there are feeds available by channel, by genre, by genre and channel, feeds that contain the most popular programmes, and so on. To a certain extent, … Continue reading “Thematic BBC TV Channels on Boxee, courtesy of DeliTV”

Recent BBC/OU TV Programmes on Boxee

Many of you will know that the OU co-produces several BBC television programmes, including Coast and The Money Programme, as well as a wide range of one off series. If you want to keep up-to-date with OU/BBC programmes, you can now watch BBC/OU programmes on their own dedicated DeliTV channel: just bookmark to your … Continue reading “Recent BBC/OU TV Programmes on Boxee”

Deep Link into BBC iPlayer Content

One of the really handy things about Youtube is the ability to share bookmarks that “deep link” to a particular point within a video (e.g here’s Google having a dig at Microsoft; the URL?, which should start the video playing 29 minutes 10 seconds in. That is, just add something like #t=29m10s to the … Continue reading “Deep Link into BBC iPlayer Content”

Open University Podcasts on Your TV – Boxee App

Over the weekend, a submission went in from The Open University (in particular, from Liam GreenHughes (dev) and some of the OU Comms team Dave Winter in Online Services (design)), to the Boxee application competition (UK’s Open University on boxee). For those of you who haven’t com across Boxee, it’s an easy to use video … Continue reading “Open University Podcasts on Your TV – Boxee App”

The OU on iPlayer (Err? Sort of not…)

Last week, Martin Belam blogged a must-read-it-if-you-haven’t-already post on How the Ian Tomlinson G20 video spread The Guardian brand across the media, describing how the Guardian watermarked video splashed the Guardian brand across numerous other news websites and publications through their embedding of the video footage, or images captured from the video: Having The Guardian’s … Continue reading “The OU on iPlayer (Err? Sort of not…)”

Finding Rights Cleared Video Resources for Use in Course Materials

Way back when, the Library piloted a video search engine – DiVA – that would search over some of the video material that had been produced specifically for OU courses (Course Content Image Search) and possibly over some of the content the OU had co-produced with the BBC. Recently, of course, the OU has got … Continue reading “Finding Rights Cleared Video Resources for Use in Course Materials”