Can SocialLearn Be Built As Such? Plus an OU Jobs RoundUp

A tweet from Scott Leslie on Saturday alerted me to the fact he had a major post brewing… And here it is: Planning to Share versus Just Sharing. Do yourself a favour and go and read it now… Then come back and finish reading this post… or not… but read that one… Here’s the link … Continue reading “Can SocialLearn Be Built As Such? Plus an OU Jobs RoundUp”

The Tesco Data Business (Notes on “Scoring Points”)

One of the foundational principles of the Web 2.0 philosophy that Tim O’Reilly stresses relates to “self-improving” systems that get better as more and more people use them. I try to keep a watchful eye out for business books on this subject – books about companies who know that data is their business; books like … Continue reading “The Tesco Data Business (Notes on “Scoring Points”)”

Amazon “Edge Services” – Digital Manufacturing

When is a web service not a web service? When it’s an edge service, maybe? Last night I was pondering the Amazon proposition, which at first glance broadly seems to break down into: retail operation; web services. The retail bit splits down further: physical goods and digital downloads, shipped by Amazon; and marketplace goods, where … Continue reading “Amazon “Edge Services” – Digital Manufacturing”