Feed Autodiscovery in Javascript

For what it’s worth, I’ve posted a demo showing a couple of feed autodiscovery/autodetection tricks that let you autodiscover feeds in remote pages via a couple of online services: the Google feed api, and YQL (Feed Autodiscovery With YQL). Try it out: Feed autodiscovery in Javascript (code) I’ve also added in a routine that uses … Continue reading “Feed Autodiscovery in Javascript”

Extracting Data From Misbehaving RSS/Atom Feeds

A quick recipe prompted by a query from Joss Winn about getting data out of an apparently broken Atom feed: http://usesthis.com/feed/?r=n&n=150 The feed previews in Google Reader okay – http://www.google.com/reader/atom/feed/http://usesthis.com/feed/?r=n&n=150 – and is also viewable in my browser, but neither Google Spreadsheets (via the =importFeed() formula) nor YQL (?!) appear to like it. [Note: h/t … Continue reading “Extracting Data From Misbehaving RSS/Atom Feeds”

Autodiscoverable Feeds and UK HEIs (Again…)

It’s that time of year again when Brian’s banging on about IWMW, the Instituional[ised?] Web Managers’ Workshop, and hence that time of year again when he reminds me* about my UK HE Feed Autodiscovery app that trawls through various UK HEI home pages (the ones on .ac.uk, rather than the one you get by searching … Continue reading “Autodiscoverable Feeds and UK HEIs (Again…)”

Feed-detection From Blog URL Lists, with OPML Output

Picking up on Adding Value to the Blog Award Nomination Collections…, here’s a way of generating an OPML feed bundle of categorised feed URLs from a list of tagged blog homepage URLs. What the OPML allows you to do is take a list of URLs, such as the URLs for the blogs nominated in the … Continue reading “Feed-detection From Blog URL Lists, with OPML Output”

Blog Details from an RSS/Atom Feed

Picking up on Feed Autodetection With YQL, where I described a YQL custom query for autodetecting RSS and Atom feed URLs in a web page given the web page URL, here’s a complementary YQL custom query function which polls a feed URL through the YQL feed normaliser and returns the title and URL of the … Continue reading “Blog Details from an RSS/Atom Feed”

Feed Autodiscovery With YQL

Just a quick follow up to the post on using Beautiful Soup for RSS feed autodetection – it struck me that I should be able to do a similar thing with YQL: Remember, feed autodiscovery relies on web page containing the following construction in the HTML <head> element: <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” href=”FEED_URL” title=”FEED_NAME” /> So … Continue reading “Feed Autodiscovery With YQL”

First Attempt at RSS/Atom Feed Autodetection With BeautifulSoup

I’ve held off playing with BeautifulSoup, the Python screenscraping library, so today I thought I’d have a little play. Here’s a first attempt – RSS feed autodetection. I think the following autodiscovers the the first feed in an an HTML page, if one exists… though with provisos… (the title element must exist in the page, … Continue reading “First Attempt at RSS/Atom Feed Autodetection With BeautifulSoup”

5 Minute Hack – QR Codes from an RSS Feed

Skimming through my feeds a few minutes ago, I saw a post by Karen Coombs on the OCLC Developer blog about QR Code hacks to “mass generate QR Codes for all the web addresses of the applications in the [OCLC] Application Gallery”. The technique uses a bit of PHP to parse a feed from the … Continue reading “5 Minute Hack – QR Codes from an RSS Feed”

Previewing the Contents of a JSON Feed in Yahoo Pipes

This post builds on the previous one (Grabbing the Output of a Yahoo Pipe into a Web Page) by describing a strategy that can help you explore the structure of a JSON feed that you may be pulling in to a web page so that you can identify how to address the separate elements contained … Continue reading “Previewing the Contents of a JSON Feed in Yahoo Pipes”