Time to Get Scared, People?

Last week, I posted a couple of tweets (via http://twitter.com/psychemedia) that were essentially doodles around the edge of what services like Google can work out about you from your online activity. As ever in these matters, I picked on AJCann in the tweets, partly because he evangelises social web tool use to his students;-) So … Continue reading “Time to Get Scared, People?”

Amazon Reviews from Different Editions of the Same Book

A couple of days ago I posted a Yahoo pipe that showed how to Look Up Alternative Copies of a Book on Amazon, via ThingISBN. The main inspiration for that hack was that it could be useful to get “as new” prices for different editions of the same book if you’re not so bothered about … Continue reading “Amazon Reviews from Different Editions of the Same Book”

Looking Up Alternative Copies of a Book on Amazon, via ThingISBN

As Amazon improves access to the long tail of books through Amazon’s marketplace sellers and maybe even their ownership of Abebooks, it’s increasingly easy to find multiple editions of the same book. So when I followed a link to a book that Mike Ellis recommended last week (to The Victorian Internet in fact) and found … Continue reading “Looking Up Alternative Copies of a Book on Amazon, via ThingISBN”

Printing Out Online Course Materials With Embedded Movie Links

Although an increasing number of OU courses include the delivery of online course materials, written for online delivery as linked HTML pages, rather than just as print documents viewable online, we know (anecdotally at least, from requests that printing options be made available to print off whole sections of a course with a single click) … Continue reading “Printing Out Online Course Materials With Embedded Movie Links”

Mashup Mayhem BCS (Glasgow Branch) Young Professionals Talk

On Monday I gave a presentation for the BCS Glasgow branch at the invite of Daniel Livingstone, who I met in the mashup mart session at the CETIS bash last year. I’d prepared some slides – even rehearsed a couple of the mashups I was going to do – and then fell apart somewhat when … Continue reading “Mashup Mayhem BCS (Glasgow Branch) Young Professionals Talk”

Amazon “Edge Services” – Digital Manufacturing

When is a web service not a web service? When it’s an edge service, maybe? Last night I was pondering the Amazon proposition, which at first glance broadly seems to break down into: retail operation; web services. The retail bit splits down further: physical goods and digital downloads, shipped by Amazon; and marketplace goods, where … Continue reading “Amazon “Edge Services” – Digital Manufacturing”

Mashup Reuse – Are You Lazy Enough?

Late on Friday night, I picked up a challenge (again on Twitter) from Scott Leslie: After a little more probing, the problem turned out to be to do with pulling a list of URLs from a page on the Guardian blog together into a playlist: The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube. As Scott suggested, … Continue reading “Mashup Reuse – Are You Lazy Enough?”

Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets

Prompted in part by a presentation I have to give tomorrow as an OU eLearning community session (I hope some folks turn up – the 90 minute session on Mashing Up the PLE – RSS edition is the only reason I’m going in…), and in part by Scott Leslie’s compelling programme for a similar duration … Continue reading “Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets”

Google Personal Custom Search Engines?

A couple of days ago, I gave a talk about possible future library services, and in passing mentioned the way that my Google search results are increasingly personalised. Martin picked up on this in a conversation over coffee, and then in a blog post (“Your search is valuable to us“): This made me think that … Continue reading “Google Personal Custom Search Engines?”

iTunes in Your Pocket… Almost…

Having been tipped off about about a Netvibes page that the Library folks are pulling together about how to discover video resources (Finding and reusing video – 21st century librarianship in action, methinks? ;-) I thought I’d have a look at pulling together an OU iTunes OPML bundle that could be used to provide access … Continue reading “iTunes in Your Pocket… Almost…”