Google Insights for Search (on Youtube too…)

It seems that Google opened up a supercharged variant of Google Trends over the last week or two: Google Insights for Search. One useful feature the new service offers over the original trends service is the ability to compare the relative volumes for the same search term over several different time periods: It’s also possible … Continue reading “Google Insights for Search (on Youtube too…)”

UK HEI “Page Not Found” Error Pages

In Back from Behind Enemy Lines, Without Being Autodiscovered(?!), I described a simple service that displays the autodiscoverable RSS feeds from UK HEI homepages (it went down over the weekend as the screenscraping broke, but it’s back now and some of the ‘issues’ with some of the linkscraping has been fixed ;-) Over the weekend, … Continue reading “UK HEI “Page Not Found” Error Pages”

Back from Behind Enemy Lines, Without Being Autodiscovered(?!)

Home again after a few very enjoyable days away at IWMW2008 in Aberdeen, and I feel like I need a way of saying thank you to the web managers’ community for allowing an academic in…heh heh ;-) So I spent half an hour or so (no… really…;-) on the train back from the airport putting … Continue reading “Back from Behind Enemy Lines, Without Being Autodiscovered(?!)”

OUseful.Info, err, 2.0?

So I’ve changed blog engine and, err, moved the blog to here – – for now, though the Feedburner feed is still the same:, and should always point somewhere relevant… The old blog posts (that is, everything that used to dangle off are all archived at, and links to … Continue reading “OUseful.Info, err, 2.0?”