Early Peek at ALTC2011 Twitter Community…

A quick peek at the quick-off-the-mark users of the altc2011 hashtag on Twitter…

Social connections between folk using the hashtag:

altc2011 tweeps - colour follower count, node size betweenness centrality

(Image generated using gephi; node size: betweenness centrality, colour – follower count)

By looking at the Twitter profile of hashtag users, finding a user’s blog (or other affiliation) URL, and running RSS feed autodiscovery over the URLs, we can generate an OPML blogroll (after a fashion) from the list of hashtagging twitter users: altc2011 hashtaggers – discovered feeds OPML blogroll

List intelligence: I looked at the lists that hashtag users are on and ranked lists by number of subscribers as well as number of hashtag users appearing on the lists.

Lists containing N numbers of people using the altc2011 hashtag:

/ousefulAPI/altc2010 52
/helenwhd/e-learning 43
/kamyousaf/e-learning-uk 27
/suebecks/tech-enhanced-learning 27
/JonPowles/education 26
/sarahhorrigan/tel-people 25
/mhawksey/purposed 24
/traceymadden/education 22
/juliadesigns/education-uk-18 21
/ZoeEBreen/elearning-evangelists-uk 20
/mhawksey/lak11 20
/artfraud/education-2 20

Lists ordered by subscriber count (first number is number of people on list who’ve been an early user of altc2011 hashtag):

/kamyousaf/e-learning-uk 27 107
/kamyousaf/uk-ict-education 14 80
/mhawksey/purposed 24 42
/mhawksey/lak11 20 34
/helenwhd/e-learning 43 31
/suebecks/tech-enhanced-learning 27 27
/catherinecronin/education-elearning 17 26
/amcunningham/learning 17 26
/juliadesigns/education-uk-18 21 25
/JonPowles/education 26 19
/PatParslow/elearning-crew 15 18
/mhawksey/jiscel10 19 14
/ousefulAPI/altc2010 52 12
/ZoeEBreen/elearning-evangelists-uk 20 9
/ulcc/mootuk11-taggers 18 9
/HeyWayne/learning-tech-people 15 9

If we look at membership of lists containing altc2011 members, and then see who appears on those lists, we get an idea (maybe) of notable people in the community (number is number of lists each person appeared on):

'gconole', 17
'josiefraser', 15
'timbuckteeth', 15
'HallyMk1', 14
'mweller', 14
'jamesclay', 14
'mattlingard', 13
'francesbell', 13
'daveowhite', 12
'mhawksey', 12