Opening Up University Energy Data

Knowing how much energy a building uses is often the first step towards reducing it’s energy footprint, so here’s a quick round up of the university open data initiatives I know of that are based around energy data. (If you know of more, please let me know via the comments.)

First up, via @lncd, here’s a heatmap showing change in energy building usage compared aross the last two days:

Lincoln - 2-day energy data utilisation comparison

This visulisation (built on top of Lincoln U’s open data feeds ( charts energy usage over a calendar month:

Lincoln U - energy usage over time

Read more about Lincoln’s energy data hacks here: University of Lincoln Energy Data …. an update!.

Over in Oxford, there’s a tool called OpenMeters that displays charts of energy usage by building:

Oxford opne energy data

The Oxford data is available as Linked Data from, err, I think… As ever, it’d probably take me an hour or two to find out how to make my first query that returns anything meaningful to me in a form I could actually do anything with!;-) I also wonder whether the Oxford project feeds into another Oxford initiative: iMeasure?

(By the by, I misread the title of this place from the other place to Oxford as “A Linked Data Model Of Building Energy Consumption”: A Limited-Data Model Of Building Energy Consumption, which explores a model “targeted at practical, wide-scale deployment which produces an ongoing breakdown of building energy consumption”.)

Whilst I don’t think Warwick University’s energy monitoring page is based on exposed open data, it does have some dials/gauges on it:

Warick U - energy monitoring

(By the by – that page doesn’t have a Warwick favicon associated with it in my browser; should it?)

So – a quick round up (and huuuuuuge displacement activity from what I should have been doing this afternoon), but I think it’s worth tracking and reporting on these early demonstrations…

See also: JISC Green ICT projects (which I note don’t seem to return popular Google results for queries relating to university energy data, even when searches are limited to the domain…) and the Greening ICT Programme Community Site; Govspark, which compares energy usage across government departments; Innovations in Campus Mapping for a review of how open data is being used to support enhanced interactive campus maps; and Open Data Powered Location Based Services in UK Higher Education.

PS given Lincoln are publishing all manner of open data, I wonder whether there is enough there to do an ad hoc version of the Heat and light by timetable project using data they’re producing just anyway?!