Remembering Course Mindmaps…

Way back when I did a few demos showing how to generate mind maps views over hierarchically structured OU-XML documents to provide ‘at a glance’ views over a whole course. (It never went anywhere…)

As the OU-XML structure appears to have remained pretty consistent over the years, it was encouraging to see the original code more or less still worked. Here’s a rendering, for example, of an automatically generated .mm file rendered using


A couple of the other demos I did leading on from that were a rendering using d3.js that originally ran on Scraperwiki, and one that also had a go at rendering search results over OU-XML docs as a mindmap.

No time to play with these again, unfortunately, but it was fun to be reminded of them:-)

That said, it has got me thinking again about how there must be better ways of providing interfaces to our pages and pages and pages and pages of online course materials than the current VLE provides…

(For example, I so wanted to use my mousepad to swipe left and right rather than having to keep finding previous and next links whilst reading through a course today… In fact, the experience was so horrible I got distracted(?!;-) looking for libraries – such as this one?: swipe page navigation – that I might be able to drop into a browser extension as a way of reclaiming the VLE.)

But once again, no time for that, either…

Whatever – roll on the next dog walk and I’ll at least ponder if and where I may be able to take this old, old idea next;-)