Wrangling Data With “Free” Tools – LASI13 Workshop Round-Up

I’m fortunate enough to be visiting the LASI13, the Learning Analytics Summer Institute, in Stanford this week, and got to lead a workshop session yesterday on tools for tinkering and playing with data.

The presentation I prepped can be found on Slideshare – LASI13 datawrangling tools – though as ever I didn’t get through all the slides, and, as ever again, went slightly off-piste at various points. (The session was a 2hr 15 session, split 1h30 and 45 mins; I reckon the whole slidedeck would be a 4hr session; as it was, we got as far as grabbing data out of Facebook and into OpenRefine, with a v brief tease about starting to analyse the data in Gephi.)

I mentioned several tutorial posts and resource pages in the session – here a few links to some of them:

There’s a bundle of my recent tutorial style posts on data related activities on the School Of Data blog – Recently Elsewhere: Over On the School of Data Blog.

If anyone still here at LASI would like to chat further about data related skills development, let’s grab a table… similarly if you’d like to learn more about the School of Data data expedition model as a possible learning or training exercise. Finally, if you’re looking for folk to run data skills workshops, let’s talk;-)

PS if I’ve missed any links you think should be here, let me know and I’ll add them…