Google Impact…? The “Google Suggest” Factor

So apparently, OU promotion process means I get feedback on my promotion case before it goes to the full committee… Here’s what I need to address:

– put references in proper OU CV style;
– don’t write career history or list stuff done in the promotion case, instead list impact and significant contributions; [but for a case based around digital engagement, that can be hard to judge…? I wonder whether the ability to drive traffic to the OU would count? I wonder if I could create a traffic blip on an OU web page anyway? If you fancy taking part in an ad hoc, not really experiment to see if I can drive traffic to the OU, please click through here: OU Accreditations and Partnerships…)

What other sorts of impact are there? Eponymous laws? Google impact… Hmmm…. How about a Google Suggest factor…?

Let’s see… (whilst I made this searches in a browser that wasn’t logged in to Google, and had cookies cleaned, I’m not suggesting any Google ground truth in these “results”.)

google impact - martin weller

google impact - tony hirst

(the actor/voiceover artist isn’t me… ;-)

Google impact - grainne conole

google impact - stephen downes

google impact - gilly salmon

google impact - terry anderson

So what ingredients might go into a “Google Suggest” Impact Factor?

Number of correct mentions? Number of incorrect mentions? Explicit association with host university, or subject area?

And what might a Google Suggest Factor measure? Personal discoverability? Personal associations? Personal specialism areas?

One thing I didn’t manage to do was find any phrases that autosuggested a name from a term in the following way:

google suggest - f1 lewis hamilton

i.e. term firstname surname

So what does Google Suggest think about you?! ;-)

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