Drag and Drop Ordered Links in Delicious?

One of the things I’ve been interested in for some time is how to use social bookmarking services like delicious as a database for ordered link collections (for example, Ordered Lists of Links from delicious Using Yahoo Pipes).

I don’t have time to try this right now, so here’s a quick holding post about a plan for the future:

– pinch the code used for this jquery demo: “Dynamic Drag’n Drop With jQuery And PHP” which shows how to update a database with the new list order using “an Ajax request in the backend”…

– populate the list using the delicious api from a (logged in) users’ specified tags;

– identify the position of each item in the list using a special machinetag tag. Rewrite the jquery demo to use a delicious API call in place of the demo database update function. I’m guessing that this would mean using the https://api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/add? call, and just copying everything from the previous version of the bookmark apart from the item number machine tag?

– cobble together a Javascript script to pull a tagged list from delicious, as JSON, that includes ordered list machine tags and display the list, appropriately ordered; also provide a ‘reverse order’ switch ;-)

– cobble together a simple web service using a minimal PHP script that will grab a tagged list from delicious, with machine tags, and then display it as an ordered RSS list (also provide a ‘reverse order’ switch in the URI).

If anyone builds these before I do, please post a link to the demo :-)