TeX and LaTeX on a Mac

Trying to run some R scripts (h/t FutureLearn’s David Major) to generate FutureLearn reports, I found I needed to have various bits of TeX installed. Rather than downloading the gigabytes required for the full blown install, here are various components I found that looked useful.

  • install XeLaTeX;
  • TeX Live utility – allows you to install TeX packages from a GUI;
  • getnonfreefonts – download the installer, change permissions (chmod ugo+rwx install-getnonfreefonts) then install with sudo ./install-getnonfreefonts and run getnonfreefonts --help

Still didn’t work though (font issues…), but the fix was easy – just delete the main.Rnw default font definition: \setromanfont[Numbers=Uppercase, BoldFont=Europa-Bold]{Europa-Regular}

PS Maybe I should have read this first, too… Getting started and productive with LaTeX (BasicTeX) on OS X (Terminal)