A Quick View Over a MASHe Google Spreadsheet Twitter Archive of UKGC12 Tweets

Following on from A Tool Chain for Plotting Twitter Archive Retweet Graphs – Py, R, Gephi, here’s a quick view summary view over #UKGC12 tweets saved in Google Spreadsheet archive as developed by Martin Hawksey, generated from an R script (R code available here; #ukgc12 tweet archive here)…

(I did mean to tidy these up, add in titles etc etc but it’s late and I’m realllly tiered:-(

So for example, an ordered bar chart showing who was @’d most by hashtagged tweets:

Tweets to an individual

And a scatterplot showing the number of tagged tweets to and from particular individuals, sized by how many times RT’s of a person’s tweets there were:

ukgc2012 tweeps

(Hmmm..strikes me I could use a fourth dimension (colour) to capture the number of RTs issued by each person too…? I wonder if I can also tie the angle of each label to a parameter value?!)

I also had a quick peek at looking at folk who were using the tag and/or were heavily followed by tag users (nodes sized according to betweenness centrality):

Connections between recent users of the #ukgc12 hashtag and the folk they tend to follow (node size: betweenness centrality)

You can view a dynamic version of the conversation graph around the tag using Martin’s TAGSExplorer (about).

PS See the first comment below from Ben Marwick for a link to a text analysis script in R that can be easily tweaked to use archived tweets. When I get a chance, I’ll try to wrap this into a Sweave script (cf. How Might Data Journalists Show Their Working? Sweave for the automated generation of PDF and HTML reports.).