32 thoughts on “Deli TV – Personally Programmed Social Television Channels on Boxee: Prototype”

  1. This looks great however I get no results from my delicious feed after tagging various videos and playlists with delitv – although yours works

    Second, you can have a nice icon instead of hiding this under Vide Podcasts, add this to sources.xml – locate a delicious.tv PNG first

    Delicious TV


  2. @dave it can sometimes take a few minutes for delicious to propagate links to its RSS feeds. Yahoo pipes also caches for a short period, as do browsrs, computer operating systems, etc etc

    Let me know if you continue to have problems with it…

    Re the image – I don’t think I can inject the image into the Yahoo pipe feed. One thing I want to start looking at is how to produce full fat feeds for Boxee, that allow for background customisation, appropriate icons, etc etc.

    thanks for the feedback :-)


  3. @Tony – ah yes delicious was being the problem works now.

    Regarding the image, I don’t think I explained very well.

    Rather than going to the Boxee website to add a feed you can edit your sources.xml – this means you can have a toplevel for deliciousTV rather than have it under Vodeo Podcasts.

    the image is so that it looks pretty when navigating.

  4. @Tony, thats so clean and graceful, took a little while for pipes to cache some content, but working fine here … delicious ‘crgmrgn’ …

    How about setting the title in the RSS based on the userid (and/or tag), ie. Delicious TV:crgmrgn

    Just with the existing three of four feeds its already confusing ;-)


    1. @craig the only place i can set the title of the top level menu item (e.g. Delicious TV) is via the name of the pipe; so the custom workaround would be for you to clone the pipe and name it how you want…

      Only that’s a crappy solution, so the workaround is just to have a single Delicious TV top level channel, and then bookmark several channels into it. So for example:

      1) define a bespoke tag for each ‘major’ channel; e.g. delitv1, delitv2, etc;
      2) for each major channel you want to subscribe to (e.g. delitv1, delitv2), bookmark the corresponding tag page in delicious, and tag it delitv. So for example, bookmark the page http://delicious.com/crgmrgn/delitv1, give it an appropriate title “Channel 1” and tag it delitv.
      3) if you want one of my channels as a ‘major channel’ in Delicious TV, bookmark my channel page – e.g. http://delicious.com/psychemedia/boxeetest5, title it (e.g. “Tony’s Demo Test Channel”), and tag it delitv.

      I tried to simplify things as much as possible so that the user only ever needs to subscribe to a single Delicious TV feed URL, and thereafter they can programme their (single) Delicious TV Boxee metachannel from delicious.

      Note also there’s an undocumented feature in the pipe: if you just put your delicious username into the pipe (e.g. crgmrgn) the Delicious TV channel will be rooted on crgmrgn/delitv (i.e. your bookmarks tagged ‘delitv’). You can override this by specifiying your own tag or tag combination, such as crgmrgn/mytv or crgmrgn/mytv+comedy

    1. Doesn’t Boxee cache for 10 minutes by default, and then check the feed again? That was how I read the documentation.

      On of the issues with using Yahoo pipes is that I don’t think you can get it to put arbitrary tags in the RSS. You can publish whatever attributes you like via the JSON output, but I *think* the RSS output is sanitised and doesn’t let many extensions through…

  5. Thanks for this guide :).
    Basically, talking about videos, your pipes supports just youtube or am i missing something?
    Is it difficult to open it to other video providers like vimeo, pbs or stuff like that.


    1. Michele-
      The pipe works well with Youtube, iPlayer and quite a few other providers, but it really depends on whether ot not there is a Boxee filter that can spot and play an embedded flash video file.

      As and when I find thinhs that work, I try to remember to add them as a demo to:


      If I spot something that doesn’t work – and I remember – or find something that I haven’t yet tested, I add it to:


      Sometimes, different page views or URL tweaks make all the difference (eg iPlayer URLs with huiman readable stuff on the end break things in Boxee – so the DeliTV pipework just tides up the URI).

      Just try bookmarking stuff into delicious and see if it works, maybe adding a comment here wrt URI patterns (including actual working example URIs) you’ve found that either do or don’t work in Boxee.

  6. Innovative use of delicious bookmarks to create your own channels, like it.

    I couldn’t get the single youtube vid to show up in the feed. I get ‘No results..’ message. It’s ok with the youtube playlists. I tried your playlist to check it wasn’t user error but same there. I think it was one of the F1 links was a direct link to a youtbe vid.


    1. Same problem here. I got no feed from yahoo! pipe. I got a delicious account and some bookmark with both youtube and dailymotion. Wait for a long time, yet no RSS result from yahoo pipe. The delicious generates the RSS feed ok, just not yahoo pipe. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  7. I hate these times when I’m the seemingly only one on the planet having a certain problem. I’m trying to move my youtube playlists to Boxee. Everything seems to work according to plan (using delicious) but when the playlst page comes up in Boxee, it is completely static. It cannot be navigated with mouse or keyboard and none of the links can be clicked on. Anybody else get this?


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