One thought on “School Chain Locks Out Public Service Values?”

  1. What is your point, exactly?
    Your rant seems to be that commercial enterprises can provide all the ancillary functions that a teacher requires more cheaply and efficiently than the local council (the body to which we entrust bin collections and dog wardens) and its not fair? I don’t see a problem in that.
    OR is it that:
    These enterprises can develop corporate trainers to delivery the National Curriculum more efficiently than the current process ( and its not fair) ? I don’t see a problem in that.

    As a parent I am disenfranchised by the current system. If my children are not performing the way the teacher expects, I wait for the annual ‘Parent Teachers Evening’: Why can’t I see the teacher each week if required?. At least if the school is being run by a commercial organisation, they will deal with concerns and complaints before it gets to the public domain.
    If my car makes peculiar noise I don’t wait for the MoT – I get it looked at. It is now more difficult to get a meeting with a Head or Deputy than to see my GP. The current state education system is not performing adequately.

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