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  1. Philip Hartley

    What is your point, exactly?
    Your rant seems to be that commercial enterprises can provide all the ancillary functions that a teacher requires more cheaply and efficiently than the local council (the body to which we entrust bin collections and dog wardens) and its not fair? I don’t see a problem in that.
    OR is it that:
    These enterprises can develop corporate trainers to delivery the National Curriculum more efficiently than the current process ( and its not fair) ? I don’t see a problem in that.

    As a parent I am disenfranchised by the current system. If my children are not performing the way the teacher expects, I wait for the annual ‘Parent Teachers Evening’: Why can’t I see the teacher each week if required?. At least if the school is being run by a commercial organisation, they will deal with concerns and complaints before it gets to the public domain.
    If my car makes peculiar noise I don’t wait for the MoT – I get it looked at. It is now more difficult to get a meeting with a Head or Deputy than to see my GP. The current state education system is not performing adequately.