2 thoughts on “Surfacing Google Sidewiki Comments Within a Web Page”

  1. It seems that (at the time of commenting) the demo mentioned above will return nothing in the feed, because of what the Goog monster deigns worthy of putting into the feed:

    “We are currently adding documentation and robust support
    for retrieving all entries for a given page through the API
    (currently, it only returns entries above a certain quality threshold,so that set of entries may change over time).”
    [http://groups.google.com/group/google-sidewiki-api/browse_thread/thread/40f25b2c6fc1f4fd%23 via @fawcettbj ]

    I’m all for labs, but the way Google is starting to suck in content and then control it’s access according to who knows what criteria, then for all its claims not to be evil…, well, you decide…

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